live strong gym

by julio rodriguez

To understand what "LIVE STRONG GYM" really is, you need to get to know Julio a little bit more.


BIG Dreams and aspirations made the impossible, possible. He was born in Cuba where resources and opportunities were very limited. Leaving Cuba is not an easy mission, and many risks and sacrifices had to be made in order to get to the land of opportunity.


Despite all difficulties, Julio Rodriguez managed to leave Cuba with what he called "A backpack full of dreams". Ever since he was a kid he wanted to be a model but his physical condition was always a limitation. Believe it or not, Julio was very skinny and model agencies rejected him on many occasions.


He started to work on his body really hard and during this process, he learned that a body transformation also requires a strong mindset.


With a Major in Physical Culture and Sports Nutrition, and his extensive knowledge of self-motivation, physiology, kinesiology, and anatomy there is no doubt that Julio is the go-to person to transform your body.

His hard work and commitment finally paid off and his transformation speaks for itself. He is now a recognized fitness model and coach. His is mostly known in the Hispanic market and has been featured in many magazines, runways, TV shows and fitness channels. He's one of the trainers for "Nuestra Belleza Latina", the most popular beauty contest in the Latin culture.

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LIVE STRONG GYM is the channel Julio uses to fulfill his life mission of changing people's lives for good. He created this project in 2016 and it has rapidly grown into a very successful fitness club in Miami.


Julio was featured in Wired Magazine and this is what he wrote to its readers:


"Placing faith in my dreams changed my life. I still do not understand the relationship between having the will and actually putting it to action, but if I am sure of something, it is that everything I have imagined, absolutely everything, I have achieved. Your attitude changes your world. People have the ability to capture the sensations transmitted by others. Nobody loves you, admires you and respects you for your titles or your experience. People admire you for your way of being; that is what makes you unique. Your life will not change overnight, but if you do not take the first step, if you do not make the decision, you will never know how far you can go. There are no limits when it comes to fighting for something you want. That's why I am still here trying to make the impossible possible, and if there is no way, I make one."


We want to invite you to join Julio on this journey, follow him on social media and let him know what are your fitness goal.

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